20 Jul

It’s been hot here. That’s probably no surprise since it’s hot everywhere in the U.S. Since it was so hot last night, I decided I go to spinning class and Zumba instead of riding my bike outside. I went to an affiliated gym since I don’t like the instructor that teaches Tuesday night at my gym. I got there and was slightly appalled by the age of the spin bikes, but figured, whatever, I’ll still get a good workout. I set up a bike and got on to warm up. As I was pedaling, the seat on my bike fell off and I fell with it landing hard on my backside. It didn’t really knock the breath out of me, but I couldn’t move for a minute because I was in shock. The instructor was in the class room and came over to asked if I hurt anything. Still in shock I responded, “My ass.”

She went to get someone to fill out an accident report. While she was gone, one of the people in the class came over and asked about what I hurt. My behind was really sore and I had pain going down the back of my right leg. I was able to sit up gingerly and when the instructor and gym representative came back, I was able to get up and walk out of the classroom. While we were filling out the incident report I decided to go to an Urgent Care Center. My leg was really hurting.

I called my dad and he met me at my house, then dropped me off at the Urgent Care. He would have stayed, but I asked him to go home and feed my dog and stay with him for a while. I was seen by the doctor and she pressed around and ordered x-rays. Getting the x-rays was pretty uncomfortable since I had to lay on a hard table. Standing up and sitting down hurt the most.

The x-rays were reviewed and nothing was broken. I was diagnosed with a sacroiliac strain and given 2 days off from work. Now, I’m just resting up and hoping to be able to return to working out by Monday. I’m a little worried about how this is going to affect my performance in the triathlon in 2 weeks, but don’t want to hurt myself more.

How do you deal with an injury when you’re training for a race?


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