2 Week Check-up

15 Jul

We’re half way through July and I wanted to analyze where I am with my goals. I’ve decided since my last triathlon of the season is August 7, I will give myself until then to complete my July goals. I may even count the swim, bike, run from the race into my totals.

I’ve run 4 times. I need to do this more frequently if I’m gong to get to 15 times before August 7.

I’ve ridden my bike  twice. Once was 26 miles in last week’s triathlon, so that could count as 2 short rides. I need to be more consistent about riding and add in some bricks.

I’ve swam twice. This is pretty much right on schedule. I didn’t swim last week because my shoulder has been sore and I didn’t want to mess it up before the triathlon.

I’ve went to Zumba once last week and twice this week. It’s so much fun, but I’m changing my “schedule” so I don’t take a class the night before I want to run.

Here’s the plan for the rest of the month:

Mon – Run (morning), bike (evening)

Tues – Swim

Wed – Run (morning), Zumba (evening, if I don’t go on Sunday)

Thurs – Zumba

Fri – Swim

Sat – Bike, Run Brick

Sun – off or Zumba

How are you doing with your goals? Are you training for any upcoming races?




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