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July Goals

30 Jun

While reading some old posts onĀ one of my favorite blogsĀ I realized I haven’t set any goals for awhile. And I’m bad at reviewing my progress with goals. Since tomorrow is a new month, I decided to copy Rachel’s new month, new goals philosophy.

1. Run 15 times

2. Bike 10 times (may include spinning)

3. Swim 5 times

4. Go to Zumba once a week

This seems like a bit much, but I’m registered for a triathlon Aug 7 and want to be ready for it, thus the swimming, biking, running goals. I’m not putting distances on them so I can give myself credit for short runs and rides. I’ve missed taking Zumba classes and want to support a co-worker that is teaching it now. And, while I’m not a big fan of setting weight loss goals with a number, I’d really like to firm everything up before our trip to Patoka Lake July 30 and I know exercise is the only way I’ll accomplish that.