Starting Point

8 Sep

I haven’t ran since the beginning of August. I’ve done Zumba about once a week, but not much else. It’s cooled off and feels like fall so I decided to go for a run today. Wow, it was hard. I made 2 miles with 2 short walk breaks, but I’m nowhere near being able to run 3-5 miles like I want. Even though it felt like a bit of a fail, I decided today’s run would be a starting point. And since it’s a starting point, I should start blogging again too. I’ll keep you posted how my running progresses and other health related activities.

How do you handle not meeting an exercise goal?



20 Jul

It’s been hot here. That’s probably no surprise since it’s hot everywhere in the U.S. Since it was so hot last night, I decided I go to spinning class and Zumba instead of riding my bike outside. I went to an affiliated gym since I don’t like the instructor that teaches Tuesday night at my gym. I got there and was slightly appalled by the age of the spin bikes, but figured, whatever, I’ll still get a good workout. I set up a bike and got on to warm up. As I was pedaling, the seat on my bike fell off and I fell with it landing hard on my backside. It didn’t really knock the breath out of me, but I couldn’t move for a minute because I was in shock. The instructor was in the class room and came over to asked if I hurt anything. Still in shock I responded, “My ass.”

She went to get someone to fill out an accident report. While she was gone, one of the people in the class came over and asked about what I hurt. My behind was really sore and I had pain going down the back of my right leg. I was able to sit up gingerly and when the instructor and gym representative came back, I was able to get up and walk out of the classroom. While we were filling out the incident report I decided to go to an Urgent Care Center. My leg was really hurting.

I called my dad and he met me at my house, then dropped me off at the Urgent Care. He would have stayed, but I asked him to go home and feed my dog and stay with him for a while. I was seen by the doctor and she pressed around and ordered x-rays. Getting the x-rays was pretty uncomfortable since I had to lay on a hard table. Standing up and sitting down hurt the most.

The x-rays were reviewed and nothing was broken. I was diagnosed with a sacroiliac strain and given 2 days off from work. Now, I’m just resting up and hoping to be able to return to working out by Monday. I’m a little worried about how this is going to affect my performance in the triathlon in 2 weeks, but don’t want to hurt myself more.

How do you deal with an injury when you’re training for a race?

2 Week Check-up

15 Jul

We’re half way through July and I wanted to analyze where I am with my goals. I’ve decided since my last triathlon of the season is August 7, I will give myself until then to complete my July goals. I may even count the swim, bike, run from the race into my totals.

I’ve run 4 times. I need to do this more frequently if I’m gong to get to 15 times before August 7.

I’ve ridden my bike  twice. Once was 26 miles in last week’s triathlon, so that could count as 2 short rides. I need to be more consistent about riding and add in some bricks.

I’ve swam twice. This is pretty much right on schedule. I didn’t swim last week because my shoulder has been sore and I didn’t want to mess it up before the triathlon.

I’ve went to Zumba once last week and twice this week. It’s so much fun, but I’m changing my “schedule” so I don’t take a class the night before I want to run.

Here’s the plan for the rest of the month:

Mon – Run (morning), bike (evening)

Tues – Swim

Wed – Run (morning), Zumba (evening, if I don’t go on Sunday)

Thurs – Zumba

Fri – Swim

Sat – Bike, Run Brick

Sun – off or Zumba

How are you doing with your goals? Are you training for any upcoming races?



Buckhead Border Challenge

10 Jul

Today was the most fun I’ve had participating in a triathlon. That’s because I did the Buckhead Border Triathlon with 2 of my best friends as a relay.

Amy, Jennifer, and I had discussed doing a relay triathlon this summer a few times. Amy is an great swimmer, Jennifer is a good runner, and biking is my favorite part. I suggested the this one because it started near my house and the course seemed nice.

The race was great. It was well organized and started on-time. Amy had to take a shuttle across the river because the swim started in Louisville. Jennifer and I walked back to my house and until close to her start time to walk back in hopes we would see her swimming. We did see some of the participants, but not her. She swam 1500 meters across the river in 31 minutes and 42 seconds. I was so impressed with her time.


We had discussed our transitions the morning of the race. It was decided the person coming in would take off the timing chip and place it around the next person’s ankle. I’m glad we planned that because I saw several teams waste time passing the timing chip.

I forgot to put my Garmin watch on so I wasn’t able to see my speed as I rode, but I felt like I was maintaining a good pace. I was able to pass some people, but I was also passed. After the turn around, there were a lot more bikers and I realized the sprint distance participants were catching up to me. I completed the 26 mile ride in 1 hour, 29 minutes, and 19 seconds for an average speed of 17.43 miles per hour, which is great for me. I placed the timing chip on Jennifer and she took off.

Jennifer had told us the night before that she had been having some shin pain while running. Both Amy and I were concerned because we didn’t want her to hurt herself, but she wanted to run. Amy bought some kinesiology tape and taped Jennifer’s legs while I was riding. Jennifer said it helped quite a bit and was able to complete a 6.2 miles in 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 49 seconds. This is fabulous time for having limited training. Our total time was 3 hours, 16 minutes, and 56 seconds.

After we finished the race we took my bike back to my house and went back to Buckhead’s for the post-race party, which included beer from BBC. After getting our beers, we went inside to cool-off and each lunch. While waiting for our food, we went back outside for the awards ceremony. However, something was messed up with the timing company and they couldn’t announce the winners. They did give everyone another beer though.

Overall it was a good race and I believe we will participate again next year.

July Goals

30 Jun

While reading some old posts on one of my favorite blogs I realized I haven’t set any goals for awhile. And I’m bad at reviewing my progress with goals. Since tomorrow is a new month, I decided to copy Rachel’s new month, new goals philosophy.

1. Run 15 times

2. Bike 10 times (may include spinning)

3. Swim 5 times

4. Go to Zumba once a week

This seems like a bit much, but I’m registered for a triathlon Aug 7 and want to be ready for it, thus the swimming, biking, running goals. I’m not putting distances on them so I can give myself credit for short runs and rides. I’ve missed taking Zumba classes and want to support a co-worker that is teaching it now. And, while I’m not a big fan of setting weight loss goals with a number, I’d really like to firm everything up before our trip to Patoka Lake July 30 and I know exercise is the only way I’ll accomplish that.